Thursday, August 19, 2010

Come to the Table

I'm humming..."Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens..." , you know the rest. Tuesday evening my heart was singing. I accepted a gracious invitation of a special "Blog Love" event hosted by Kris Ann and Kristin co-authors of one of my all time FAVORITE blogs Love Feast Table.

If you see beauty in the everday, love to surround yourself with extraordinary things, people and food you love, plus appreciate the beauty and "fanciness" in daily life, this is a site you will visit again and again to be inspired to create your own best life.

These passionate women also had the insight to coin a phrase...a concept called a "Love Bomb". What is a "Love Bomb"? It is ..."the act of preparing, serving and sharing a meal or morsel with someone you normally wouldn't" What an incredible I'd like to perpetuate. These two wonderful women are BFFs with the kind of friends that only come along once in a life time, if you're lucky. As Kristin and Kris Ann say, " Much of our days are spent managing our homes, kids and dryer lint, but we've kept our creative spirits percolating all along." and they are able to coordinate this blog across the miles, one living in Minnesota and one in Baltimore.

Tuesday night's "Blog Love" event was a gift to all of us local "bloggers". It was a "Love Bomb" of sorts, designed to encourage what these enlightened women do best on their all of their devoted readers follow their passions and use their gifts to make their world more beautiful in every way. Camille en Rouge a jewel on Main Street in the quaint town of Prior Lake, Minnesota was the venue. What a gorgeous, ever changing array of interesting, sublime merchandise! The perfect shop for buying wonderful things for your home or gifts for friends...very affordable and so unique!

We were lavished with gifts. Aveda from Southdale, provided hand massages, and custom perfume with their rich natural products, Kelli Lea of "Kelli Lea Designs" made us each unique handmade bags to hold our treasures, The Vintage Pearl designed and gave us all sterling necklaces stamped with the words "Blog Love".
Kristin's husband, the chef made a delicious Spanish Ceasar Salad. The buttery croissants were provided by the darling bakery just down the street, Edelweiss Bakery. A sassy handmade apron was presented in a drawing provided by J & J Inspirations. Mela Kamin generously shared her passion and gifts by giving us all one of her CD's. This entire evening was documented by the exceptional photography of SuzanneJean Photography.

Here are a couple of the talented ladies I met. The cute blonde on the left is Maggie aka "Gussy" Check out her story (everyone has one, what's yours') SO COOL. She sews incredible creations you just have to check out, and Mela the ultra talented blond in the middle, has the voice of an angel, you must buy her CD or have her come and speak at your next function, so inspiring! The Blonde (don't look at my roots) on right, the grateful soul attending this Delicious Time is ME.

I didn't get the pleasure of meeting all of these women but I do know the beautiful brunette in the super stylish outfit in the middle is Susie from "Finding Borneo" (My Son has Asberger's and All I Got Was This Lousy Handbook) Her site is witty and insightful, you'll love it! The blonde on the right is Erin from Foodalyst a "foodie" that analyzes food and life.

Thank you so much Love Feast Table...good things happen when you come together at the "Table".

We all had a "delicious time".

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